Breathtaking Nature Trail and City Scape Engagement in Nashville, TN | Ian and Candice

Breathtaking Nature Trail and City-Scape in Nashville, TN | Engagement by Photographer Tiffany Combs of Magnolia Photo

The beautiful lush hills and vibrant city-scape of Nashville, TN provided such a romantic backdrop for this session with one of the most truly ‘in love’ couples I have ever met. Being around these two as their chemistry unfolded in front of me was an absolute dream as an artist.

I’ve never had the pleasure of shooting in Tennessee, but I absolutely was not disappointed!

In the images above (and some below), you’ll see a place called the Greenway Park (or one of the parks), a basically abandoned golf course near the East End of Nashville. This unkempt piece of land was overrun with tall grass, wild flowers, trees turning color and, quite a lot of frolicking deer.

As we got into the session, I encouraged Ian and Candice to practice their first dance in one of the open fields next to a man-made pond as the sun was coming out through the clouds - and they moved together like they had been in love for two months compared to having spent 7 beautiful years together.

While completely ignoring my presence, they swayed in a circle giggling and embracing each other’s intimate energy.


Our first stop for downtown Nashville was the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge. The light was nearly gone at this point (thanks Daylight Savings…) but we didn’t let that get in the way of the rest of the session. The bridge was illuminated with various colors that would bounce in different directions and landed in ways that made light and shadow nearly dance. This was the epitome of a sexy date night with your other half.

The final location for the night had us landing in a dimly lit restaurant with a fabulously trendy decorated interior known as the Pinewood Social. For this couple, beer was sort of an iconic element to their relationship -- it’s a passion they shared, and so they asked if I would be willing to capture them while they talked over a couple of drinks -- naturally I said yes!

While the inside of Pinewood Social was very busy, we somehow didn’t go unnoticed, and by the end of our session, someone at the bar bought a round of drinks for Ian and Candice to say ‘congratulations’ on their engagement! It was such a sweet gesture.

By the end of the night, I found that this couple was definitely one of the most genuine set of people I have ever met and they were kind enough to offer me to stay and continue the night with them.

I find it so special when I get to connect with people like that as a photographer, and I know that they (at that point) are no longer just your clients … but they will be lifelong friends. I feel so lucky that I get to create art for people to put onto their walls, and even more lucky that it will be something they can remember for the rest of their lives as not just a session, but ultimately an experience that made them happy and comfortable.


Stay tuned for their wedding images in April of 2019!