Hey, my name is Tiffany.

I’m not a traditional photographer, and I don’t try to be.

I do try extremely hard to deliver what you’re looking for.

If you chose to work with me, you’ll need a few things: trust, curiosity, patience, and the ability to have fun!

I might ask you to do weird things like lay on the ground, run through a field, or flip your hair in front of your face. But, if you already like my work, you probably know that.

There’s a high chance I will ask you meet me for coffee, because I enjoy a genuine connection and want to know you and what you’re into - but also because I’m addicted to coffee.

Before photography became my passion, I studied architecture, which gives me a unique perspective on my work. I tend to have a lot of symmetry and geometry in my images, and don’t like them to be busy. I want the work to stand alone and be engaging rather than distracting.  As my style continues to evolve, I hope you’ll be a part of that beautiful process.


I’m currently available to book weddings for 2019, and I do offer payment plans for my clients. If you don’t live near me, don’t sweat it, we can work something out!

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